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Math CST 5-03

Page history last edited by Kalli Kiriazidis 5 months ago

To access your MHS worksheets at home:


  1. Go to https://math-help-services.org/ or the app and log in.
  2. Go to the workbook section, select the appropriate "Skill Builder" document.
  3. Scroll through the document to find the assigned pages.




Date Notes 


and Homework

Projects, Quizzes

and Tests

Mar 9-13

Chapter 3--Graph Theory--Optimal Trees 

Chapter 3--Graph Theory--Critical Path

 MHS Worksheets:
  • p. 180 #1-10 
  • p. 183 #1-10 


Online Assignment:

  • Optimal Trees 
  • Critical Path 

QUIZ March 11 (Wednesday)

  • Directed Graphs
  • Weighted Graphs
  • Optimal Paths and Circuits 
Mar 2-6 Have a great Break!    
Feb 24-29

Chapter 3--Graph Theory--Directed Graphs

Chapter 3--Graph Theory--Weighted Graphs

Chapter 3--Graph Theory--Optimal Paths and Circuits


MHS Worksheets:

  • p. 174 #1-10
  • p. 176 #1-10
  • p. 178 #1-10


Online Assignment:

  • Directed Graphs
  • Weighted Graphs
  • Optimal Paths and Circuits 

QUIZ March 11 

  • Directed Graphs
  • Weighted Graphs
  • Optimal Paths and Circuits 


Feb 19-20  Chapter 3--Graph Theory--Trees 

MHS Worksheets:

  • p. 172 #1-10

Online Assignment:

  • Trees

MID-UNIT TEST Monday February 24--All Graph Theory so far


  • Graph Theory Definitions Part 1
  • Graph Theory Definitions Part 2
  • Paths
  • Circuits
  • Paths and Circuits Putting it all Together
  • Trees
Feb 10-18

Chapter 3--Graph Theory Paths (also known as Chains)

Chapter 3--Graph Theory Circuits (also known as Cycles)

MHS Worksheets:

  • p. 161 #1-10
  • p. 163 #1-10
  • p. 169 #1-10 

Online Assignments:

  • Paths
  • Circuits
  • Paths and Circuits--Putting it all Together 

QUIZ Thursday--Graph Theory Definitions Parts 1&2


Quiz Tuesday--Paths


In-Class Investigation--Paths and Circuits

Jan 31-Feb 7 Chapter 3--Graph Theory Definitions Parts 1 and 2

MHS Worksheets:

  • p. 157 #1-10
  • p. 159 #1-10

Online Assignments:

  • Graph Theory Definitions Part 1
  • Graph Theory Definitions Part 2

QUIZ Friday

In-Class Investigation--Paths and Circuits

Make-Up Probability TEST (Ch. 6) February 6th @ lunch

Jan 20-24

Chapter 4--Equivalent Figures

Chapter 4--Equivalent Solids

MHS Worksheets:

  • p. 240#1-10
  • p. 260#1-10

Online Assignments:

  • Equivalent Figures
  • Equivalent Solids

Quiz Thursday


TEST All Geometry (Ch. 4) January 30th

Make-Up Probability test (Ch. 6) February 6th @ lunch

Jan 16   Online Assignment: Cosine Law (2nd one) QUIZ today
Jan 15 Chapter 4--SOH CAH TOA and Angle Rules (REVIEW) NOTES

Worksheets: Area of Triangles, Trigonometry

Online Assignments: Area of Triangles, Trigonometry

QUIZ tomorrow
Jan 13

Chapter 4--Sine Law (REVIEW) NOTES

Chapter 4--Area of Triangles (REVIEW) NOTES 

Sine Law Worksheet (handed out) #1-10

Area of Triangles MHS Worksheet p.236 #1-10

QUIZ Jan 16--Cosine Law, Sine Law, Area of Triangles
Jan 9   

Finish notes

Work on workbook and online assignment

Quiz today 

Jan 8


Chapter 4--The Cosine Law 

Math 3000 p. 107 #1 & 2

Online Assignment--The Cosine Law #1

QUIZ Jan 9--The Cosine Law
Dec 2-Dec 20     100 year Dream PROJECT
Nov 29   In Class C1--Situational Problem  
Nov 26  

Prepare for Unit Test and C1


Nov 21 Chapter 6--Probability--Voting Procedures 

Online Assignment

p.369 #1-10

Nov 19

Chapter 6--Probability--Conditional Probability and Double Entry Tables

Chapter 6--Probability--Advanced Venn Diagrams and Probability

Online Assignment

p. 365 #1-10

p. 360 #1-10


Nov 18

Review previous two lessons



Nov 12 Chapter 6--Probability--Venn Diagrams and Conditional Probability

Online Assignment

p. 354 #1-10


in-class C1 SIT. PROB--NOV. 28

Nov 8 Chapter 6--Probability--Venn Diagrams and Probability

Online Assignment

do p. 352 #1-10

C1 Situational Problem--Casino Day--DUE TODAY
Nov 6   Field Trip--Jewish Montreal Walking Tour  
Nov 5  

Term Test

Work on C1

Nov 1  

Quiz done, corrected, and returned

Casino Day

C1 Situational Problem--Casino Day due Friday Nov. 8
Oct 31

Work on project, online assignments, prepare for test and quiz

Oct 29  Chapter 6--Probability--Venn Diagrams and Probability Part 1 

Online Assignment

do p. 350 #1-10

QUIZ--Fri. Nov 1.--Venn Diagrams

TEST--Tue. Nov. 5--ALL PROBABILITY (including Venn Diagrams)

TAKE-HOME C1--coming soon

Oct 25   Quiz & Work on "Gamble Me This" project  
Oct 22 Chapter 6--Probability--Venn Diagrams Part 1  do p. 348 #1-10 


QUIZ--Fri. Oct. 25.--Mathematical Expectation

Oct 18   Begin project  Gamble Me This PROJECT
Oct 17 Finished slide 18  finish p. 381 #1-6   
Oct 11 Finished slide 16

finish p.382 #7-9

Test results given out

Oct 9   TEST  
Oct 8   

Worksheet Geometric Probability and M.E. (first 4 questions)

Quiz returned

Prepare for test Wednesday

Oct 4 Finished slide 12

Worksheet Geometric Probability and M.E.

Oct 2  

Worksheet Mathematical Expectation

Extra Practice Quiz 3

Oct 1

Chapter 6--Probability--Mathematical Expectation and Expected Value

Finished slide 10

Finished Rock Paper Scissors

Wheel of Fortune Question (if time)

QUIZ--Fri. Oct 4.--Mathematical Expectation

TEST--Wed. Oct. 9--All Probability so far

Sept 26   Continued Rock Paper Scissors (10 mins next class)  
Sept 24  

Correct today's quiz

Finish online assignments

Rock, Paper, Scissors INVESTIGATION to be continued next class

Sept 23 Tree Diagrams--Finished all slides

Chapter 6 p. 368 #1-10

optional Extra Practice Problems Quiz 2 #1-10

MHS Online Assignments:

  1. Theoretical vs Experimental Probability
  2. Odds and Probability
  3. Tree Diagrams and Consecutive Events
Sept 19 Tree Diagrams--Finished slide 9 finish correcting today's quiz QUIZ--Tues. Sept 24--Tree Diagrams
Sept 17 Tree Diagrams--Finished slide 6

optional Extra Practice Problems #1-20

correct pop-quiz

Sep 16 

Chapter 6 Probability--Tree Diagrams and Consecutive Events --Finished slide 5

Odds and Probability--Finished all slides

Chapter 6 p. 347 #1-10


QUIZ--Thurs. Sept. 19--ALL topics so far. 
Sept 11

Odds and Probability--Finished slide 11

Odds of Winning the Lotto

Sept 10

Theoretical vs Experimental--Finished all slides

Chapter 6 Probability--Odds and Probability --Finished slide 3 

Chapter 6 p. 343-346 #1-10   
Sept 9

Theoretical vs Experimental--Finished slide 19

Tell the Future Video

Beat the Odds Game

Sept 5

Chapter 6 Probability--Theoretical vs Experimental Probability  

finished slide 7


Sept 3 

Intro Math 5 CST  


Learning Style Quiz

send me an email with your NAME and RESULTS: kkiriazidis@rsb.qc.ca





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