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Math 5 CST--Distance Learning

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To access your MHS worksheets at home:


  1. Go to https://math-help-services.org/ or the app and log in.
  2. Go to the workbook section, select the appropriate "Skill Builder" document.
  3. Scroll through the document to find the assigned pages.


Date  General Information 

Agenda, Zoom

Meeting ID & Password Thursdays

3 pm 

ENRICHMENT  Living_Space Budget Project



1, 2, 3


Zoom Meetings (if necessary)


Ch. 1 & 2

WEEK 1 May 19-22 

Online Classroom Etiquette Video


How to Join a Zoom Meeting Video


"How to" MHS Review Video


Do "Ms. K's What's Up?" Survey--deadline was Saturday


Do the Skills Analysis Ch.1 assignment I sent you Tuesday 19th at 9am. Email your answers to kkiriazidis@rsb.qc.ca


Agenda Thursday May 21 2020

Meeting ID: 926 2039 7116

Password: 8Gb5pb

Read and explore these links:

Making a Budget Guidelines and Tips

Student Budget Worksheet Expenses to Consider 


Begin planning your budget, insert income, savings and expenses that you already have:

Budget Planner


SAVE YOUR BUDGET PLANNER and POST the KEY on a sticky note with your name HERE!!!


To improve your grade if you are currently failing OR even if you are passing.


  • Re-do all MHS assignments for Terms 1, 2 and the beginning of term 3 until overall grade is 90% or higher



How to Create a Retake and Request an Extension on MHS Video


How to Check My Grades on MHS Video 

I especially need you to do the Skills Analysis Ch.1 assignment I sent you Tuesday 19th at 9 am on MHS so that I can adapt my teaching. Email your answers to kkiriazidis@rsb.qc.ca .


I will begin posting lessons as soon as you have all finished this.

WEEK 2 May 25-29
Send me an email telling me which group(s) you want to be in at kkiriazidis@rsb.qc.ca 

Agenda Thursday May 28 2020

Meeting ID: 926 2039 7116

Password: 8Gb5pb


Find an apartment or condo or house:

Kijiji Greater Montreal



IMPORTANT: Answering or posting a Kijiji ad puts you at risk. If you choose to do this, other than for research for this project, you must protect yourself...here are Kijiji safety tips


Find a job that you are currently qualified for :

Canada Job Bank 









Use this to calculate your net income.

Income Tax Calculator


Go back to your budget planner and make adjustments based on the living space and job you chose. SAVE YOUR BUDGET PLANNER and LIVING SPACE & JOB ADVERTISEMENT.

I would recommend the following approach:

  1. Look up class notes below.
  2. Look up the appropriate MHS instructional video and watch it.
  3. Summarize the topic, with examples (see instructions for HANDWRITTEN Summary Project above)
  4. “Create Retake” or "Request Extension" via MHS for the appropriate online assignment, then do and submit the assignment until your grade is at least 90%.
  5. At any point, you may contact me via email for clarification on any topic. You may also ask questions during our Thursday Zoom sessions, and if you need more clarification, we can set up another Zoom session to work in smaller groups.

Chapter 6 Probability--Theoretical vs Experimental Probability 

Chapter 6 Probability--Odds and Probability 

Chapter 6 Probability--Tree Diagrams and Consecutive Events 

Chapter 6--Probability--Mathematical Expectation and Expected Value


Still waiting for your Skills Analysis Ch.1 assignment...


Intro to Linear Programming--The 7 Steps VIDEO


Intro to Linear Programming--The 7 Steps NOTES


The 7 Steps--Steps 1 and 2 VIDEO


The 7 Steps--Steps 1 and 2 NOTES


The 7 Steps--Step 3 VIDEO


The 7 Steps--Step 3 NOTES

WEEK 3 June


LIVING SPACE--make sure to post your budget key HERE and send me your supporting information/research by email so that I can send you video feedback.


REVIEW--I am watching who is viewing MHS videos and doing MHS questions. I can see this information LIVE. I can also see whose MHS grades are going up. I have been taking note of who is working and whether they are getting the questions right or wrong. If you are stuck we can set up a Zoom meeting to clarify.


CH 1 & 2--Videos will be up ASAP. Ask me for a Zoom session if you are unclear on anything. If you want an online assignment, I can send you one.

Agenda Thursday June 4 2020

Meeting ID: 926 2039 7116

Password: 8Gb5pb


Go shopping (online) to furnish your living space and figure out tuition and books.


SAVE ALL YOUR RESEARCH--take screenshots of things that are temporary, like Kijiji ads, make a list in Word with a description of the item and price with the link below.


Here is a sample WORD document for organizing your research that you can download and make your own.


Furnish your apartment including:


  • furniture (bed, sofa, TV, computer, lights, dresser, laundry basket, table, desk, chairs etc.)
  • major appliances (fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer/dryer)
  • kitchen supplies (pots, pans, utensils, dishes, bowls, blender, toaster, coffee machine, dish rack, salt and pepper shakers, ladel, spatula, chef's knife, paring knives, etc).
  • bathroom supplies (toilet brush, towels, soap dispenser etc.)


Kijiji--Greater Montreal


Home Depot

Reno Depot

Brault et Martineau

The Brick

Matelas Bonheur

Dormez Vous

The Hudson's Bay Company

any other store...


Tuition for your school will depend on your status, Quebec resident, International Student etc. and whether it's public or private.

Champlain St. Lambert




use Google if your school isn't here.


Books for your school.--in most cases you will have to call the bookstore or log in if you already have your student ID. In the link below from John Abbott, there are some estimates but your program may not be there, so you must call your school for a more accurate estimate...John Abbott Bookstore


Chapter 6--Probability--Venn Diagrams Part 1  

Chapter 6--Probability--Venn Diagrams and Probability Part 1

Chapter 6--Probability--Venn Diagrams and Probability

Chapter 6--Probability--Venn Diagrams and Conditional Probability

Chapter 6--Probability--Conditional Probability and Double Entry Tables

Chapter 6--Probability--Advanced Venn Diagrams and Probability

Chapter 6--Probability--Voting Procedures

The 7 Steps--Step 4 VIDEO


The 7 Steps--Step 4 NOTES


After creating the Step 4 video, notes and links, I've decided that it would be pushing you folks too much, so I've moved Step 5 to next week.


WEEK 4 June



Agenda Thursday June 11 2020

Meeting ID: 926 2039 7116

Password: 8Gb5pb


KEEP TRACK of you RESEARCH--keep adding information to your research document


Adjust your budget according to your choices--if it doesn't balance, make changes


As always, I've suggested some companies, but feel free to explore others. These are just suggestions to get you started.


Debt Repayment--fill this in based on what you are currently in debt for...or possibly a student loan that you are planning to apply for next year.

NOTE: Always pay off your credit card debt completely every month. If you don't they will charge you interest on all the money you owed plus any new transactions, and they will keep adding interest until your balance is zero. The also charge 20-30% interest, which is CRAZY! If you can't handle paying your credit card off every month, just use a debit card, that way you will know exactly how much money you have and you won't overspend...hopefully.


Student Aid Government of Canada

National Student Loans Service Center



These companies allow you to fill your online cart and see the total price without creating an account.



These and many other insurance companies offer many different types of insurance, including car insurance for the Transportation section--sometimes you can get deals if you bundle your different types of insurance within the same company. It's very important to shop around for insurance as there is a great variety available, and you should read policies VERY carefully as one little clause may cost you tens of thousands of dollars if you are not covered for it.

Intact Insurance

Aviva Insurance

CAA Insurance

TD Insurance

Belair Direct Insurance




BUS--Remember to choose the right kind of bus pass based on where you will work, live and/or go to school.




CAR--If you're planning to buy a new car, these websites can show you how much it will cost. 





You could also consider buying second hand cars...go for certified used cars, it's less likely that something big will go wrong...but not impossible.


Montreal Auto Prix

Each individual "new car" dealership will also have a section for used cars, you can explore those too.

Also, it is possible to check rating for used cars, try Consumer Reports.




Use the tools to do an estimate for electricity and heating (if it applies)

Hydro Quebec



This could be electricity or gas, or other, make sure to ask current tenant/owners to supply this information


Natural Gas--I can't find an estimation tool, so make sure to ask current tenant/owners to supply this information


Home Security

You may or may not want a security system, it depends on whether you can afford it and how safe you feel in your new neighborhood, you may even decide you don't like your new neighborhood because you don't feel safe, even if it is cheaper to buy/rent in that area, a security system may not even make you feel safe enough.


Bell--Alarm Force

Best Buy



This is a necessary evil. We need phones and internet to navigate today's world, but there are ways to make these bills cheaper. Some ideas: get a second hand phone and try a bring your own phone plan, try not having a landline, try not having cable, 







Chapter 4--The Cosine Law  

Chapter 4--Sine Law (REVIEW) NOTES

Chapter 4--Area of Triangles (REVIEW) NOTES 

Chapter 4--SOH CAH TOA and Angle Rules (REVIEW) NOTES

Chapter 4--Equivalent Figures

Chapter 4--Equivalent Solids


The 7 Steps--Step 5 VIDEO



The 7 Steps--Step 5 NOTES 


The 7 Steps--Steps 6 & 7 VIDEO


The 7 Steps--Steps 6 & 7 NOTES

WEEK 5 June 15-19 

Agenda Thursday June 18 2020

Meeting ID: 926 2039 7116

Password: 8Gb5pb


Extra Help on Monday and Friday at 3:30 pm


Meeting ID: 939 3437 2357

Password: 0xfa7M




Things to consider for your vacation before you do any planning: you will have to self-isolate if you travel anywhere this summer, so plan your travel dates to be 14 days before you have to go back to work/school, you will NOT BE PAID if you choose to go away at this time.


Consider travelling locally to reduce your impact on the environment.


 Travel Safety--check out these guidelines before you plan your vacation



Parks Canada

Parc national Iles de Boucherville

Parc national Mont St Bruno

Sepaq--for lodging in Quebec including campgrounds





Trip Advisor




Google Flights

Flight Hub

Flight Centre

West Jet

Air Canada


Local Transport--depends on where you are going

Buses, trains,, subway system, bike rental, taxis.

Car Rental is not an option until you are 25 years old...it is a requirement for most car rental companies


Guided Tours--Many companies are available but it depends on which area of the world you want to go and how much you want to spend--you could join a local walking tour of a city, or you could pay for a guided tour that includes lodging at a 5 star hotel, food, tours and transfers, there is quite a range. Always look for how a tour is rated and consider safety regarding roommates.



Music--instruments, lessons, sheet music, recording equipment

Art--supplies, lessons

Sports--equipment, shoes, registration fees, gym fees

Video Games--games, consoles, competition entry fees


Personal Care

Consider how often you get your hair cut, colored, consider having a friend do your hair or doing it yourself, some at-home coloring supplies are less damaging to your hair, check with your stylist. Spa treatments can be done at home as well. Cutting out cosmetics will save money and boost your self-worth. None of you need makeup, you are all beautiful.


Hair dresser/barber

Cosmetics/Skin Care

Spa/Beauty Care/Massage



Consider second hand clothing stores to save money and reduce the impact of the fashion industry on the environment.


Village des Valeurs


H & M






Sports Experts



Consider medicine, first aid kit supplies, private medical fees

Jean Coutu






Pet food/supplies


Global Pet Foods

Heidi et cie

Safari Pet Center

Animal Expert



Le Coin du Chien

Salon Gloria


Veterinarian--these bills are very expensive, please consider that you may love having a pet, but you may not be able to afford one.

Hopital Veterinaire Taschereau

Centre Veterinaire Rive-Sud

Hopital Cani-Felis Veterinaire




Bank Fees--look up your fees at your bank's website, or call them to confirm the specific fees for your specific account(s)


Credit Card Fees--usually you need to be 18 years old to hold a credit card, but if you parents/guardians added you to their account, check with them for the credit card fees.


Professional Dues

check with your local union or professional association


Gifts and Donations


Canada Helps (to find a charity--always research your choice of charity to be sure that they send your money where you actually want it to go)


Chapter 3--Graph Theory Definitions Parts 1 and 2 

Chapter 3--Graph Theory Paths (also known as Chains)

Chapter 3--Graph Theory Circuits (also known as Cycles)

Chapter 3--Graph Theory--Trees 

Chapter 3--Graph Theory--Directed Graphs

Chapter 3--Graph Theory--Weighted Graphs

Chapter 3--Graph Theory--Optimal Paths and Circuits

Chapter 3--Graph Theory--Optimal Trees 

Chapter 3--Graph Theory--Critical Path

The 7 Steps--Putting it all Together 1-7 VIDEO


The 7 Steps--Putting it all Together 1-7 NOTES

WEEK 6 June 22-23 

No class this week.


Extra Help on Monday at 3:30 pm


Meeting ID: 939 3437 2357

Password: 0xfa7M




Finish up and make sure I have access to all your work for review. (ex: make sure your budget key is posted on the jamboard and send me a copy of all your research in a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation.)

Finish up and make sure I have access to all your work for review. (ex: send me 6 photos of your HANDWRITTEN summary pages--1 photo per page--I can check your MHS grades myself--make sure they are all 90% or higher)

Finish up and make sure I have access to all your work for review. (ex: send a video flipping through the notes you made and the worksheets you did or scan/take pictures and send them to me)







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